Manage Any Business

Manage Any Business is an easy and convenient GST invoice app available on Mobile & Desktop with offline/online multi users functionality. It sends invoices & estimates to your customers and manage your purchase, sale, order and stock.

One app for all your services!

Manage purchase, sale, order, item return, order cancellation, stock and daily expense.

It's 100% safe. It's 100% easy and it's really really fast.

We providing powerful search and report help take right decision

Multiple Database Services

Auto backup database to SD card when exit the app

* Manual backup database to SD card

* Restore database from SD card

* Email database

* Clean all records


Generate all reports like purchase, sale, payment, GST Tax reports. You can print/share/download the details reports in PDF or Excel.

Online/Offline for Mobile & Desktop

Manage Any Business app is available in both online and offline for Mobile and Desktop. You can create your invoice from anywhere and any device with online login.

Multi User Online

It support multi user online login. The admin can create the users and allow the access to the certain functionality. So the other users can login and work on allowed tasks.

Customizable invoice template !

* Customize invoice fields: quantity, rate, shipping and item number

* Invoice payment terms (eg 30 days, 14 days)

* Generates receipts, makes a great receipt template

* Discount/Tax on total

* Customize company logo on your invoice templates

Saved Records For Secure & Offline/Online use!

Never worry about your records and payments history.

Create and send estimates to your customers, convert them to invoices later

Notification & Settings

* Set invoice format (A4, A4 half page)

* Set invoice Language

* Set invoice header format

* Set digital signature

* Set VAT rate

Create a PDF invoice or estimate easily!

* Customize company logo on your invoice templates

* Built in PDF invoice generator right on phone for offline/Online use

* Share your invoices on WhatsApp/Email etc

* Sign your invoice or estimate

* Easily make invoices on your phone

Get in Touch :

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